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3Β nasi lemak and 2 kopi panas please! One for my X-Student and one for me. The third nl is for bungkus for me :p

Pull up a chair and lets chat…


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AkMaR’s new blog address:
I’m so very pleased to be the first one to post on comment here.
There is a very big probability we former ALM students will pay a visit to INTEC on Thurs 19th March to collect our results.

It would be great to see all of you, so I can give you my congratulations in the flesh.

37/37 smiling aces πŸ™‚

LOL..i havent take my official rslt yet.. anyway congratz to all my frens~ n to MR ALLAN i wish i can see u on monday if u r not bz n of coz other lecturers too.. miss u all soo much πŸ™‚ n intec too hahaha

Laaaa…. Nisa, rugi kot x dtg td…
It was like a gathering in front of hea, of all the places!
Then we moved on to ausmat cafe for a lunch.
Some of us bought mr Allan his fav nasi lemak! Hehehe… Have been hearing “nasi lemak” so much during chem classes that somehow i forgot there is no academic “bonding” btw chem and nasi lemak. Only a bond btw Mr Allan and chem, Mr Allan n nasi lemak. Hahaha…

neeesssaa πŸ™‚ Monday I think I may be around INTEC in a state of complete panic at the thought of all that making still remaining. Aaaah! I coffee with u would be a welcome break. Congratz 2 u…

AkMaR LOL πŸ˜€ I guess Chem is the reactants, NL is the product and I’m the semi-stabilized intermediate.

Oh dear! I need a holiday!

hahaha.. yalah rugi i x dtg..isk2x anyway, looking forward to see u mr allan…i’ll be coming with nabihah n syahidah.. n the 4 of us can have a cup of tea or maybe NASI LEMAK again..?!! LOL πŸ™‚

alaaa… ausmat cafe is being managed by someone else now.. not the same anymore *sobs*

love intec! πŸ˜‰

Lorh sir, how could chem produce a NS lemak with u as the intermediate?
The rxn has gone to completion then?
Eheh… =P

Natasha, yup…
Ausmat cafe is now not the same caterer anymore…
the feeling is different now…
and yes, i love intec too!

salam mr allan..
though i rarely post anything on this blog, but i usually drop by this blog n see whats goin on..esp during the exam period..
just want to say hi to you n friends that always asking qs n make me see many different thoughts of other stu’s too. i learnt a lot from this site and THANKS to MR ALLAN for givin us this opportunities to learn together..

Oooh. All this talk of NL is making me hungry for some. My wife and mum-in-law make GREAT NL. Actually me and my wife used to sell it in Manchester! We could sell it for about Β£1.50 (big yummy portion, with ayam goreng) It was a good price and VERY wholesome. If we didn’t sell it all, we would often give it away and also eat some ourselves. Yum yum.


Wa alaikum usalam Hanna. Glad you popped by πŸ™‚ It’s nice to see that the blog is proving to be ueful to a number of students. The blog wasn’t used for the trials as I thought it would have been, but still, nevermind, hopefully it will help even more people later.

mr allan..
did u only eat only SOME of the NL?

Dear Hanna

Are you implying I may have eaten it ALL?
Ummm… Oh yes, that’s it…
I’m too old now so I can’t quite remember ;p

You and ur wife used to sell NL in Manchester?
that sounds cool!
Was it for extra income purpose or coincidently for exhibition purpose?
Cos i know some intec students sold korean food there as well…

Btw sir, do Manchester-ians find NL delicious?
Like you did?

Our food was very popular and we helped (some of) the Ummah get a wholesome and superbly priced meal.

We used to sell about 30 packets on Friday. Actually, this is how I came to know of a Malaysian family who is very dear to my heart. I was very poor at the time so me and my wife decided to sell food outside the Mosque. Almost as soon as we stated selling a Malay guy and his wife turned up with a big heavy bag and were selling also.

They were passed the ‘right’ to sell after some previously established lady who decided to stop. Really we encroached upon them sellers. And do you know what? They never showed one gram of hostility towards us, in fact they became our greatest friends in Manchester. They were not so wealthy either and had two kids at the time (now they 4 kids).

Me & w felt guilty for ‘depriving’ them of extra income. They still sold food also, but we took almost 40-50% of their sales.

What amazing people. May God bless them. They were excellent cooks and when I go back to the UK they make superb meals and welcome us with open arms.

wahhhh seriously mr allan sold NL back there in UK.. that’s cool~ !! no wonder u like NL sooo much eh… hehehe nwy just droppin by here during weeknd as there’s nothin to do rite now.. i assume mr allan wud b vry bz now as alevel is juz around the corner…~ :p

mr allan.. i just ate 1 bungkus of NL this morning.. whenever i ate them i’ll remember mr allan.. so, i just drop by to say hi to mr allan n friends~lalaala

Hehehehe. Hello to all.

NL rules!

Actually this weekend I’m going to an “economic meltdown” talk.

for details.

Anyone fancy going?

assalamualaikum. today is 16 may!! so i would like to wish you a very happy teacher’s day!.. thanks for all your efforts and attention you give to us.. i really2 appreciate it =)

Thanks Atieqa πŸ™‚

There are only teachers because there are students. So 16th May is as much students day as it is anything else.

I think there should be a Nasi Lemak day. Actually a few years ago (2005) there was a nasi lemak day in KL. Somehow I don’t know if they still do it. Anyone know?

Happy Teacher’s Day to my chem lect mr.allan!!! whooohuu~~
thnx for everthing.owh.btw,last month tv9 organised a nasi lemak kopi o fiesta in shah alam.not sure you noe bout it or not.i heard they gv out NL for freeee~~ =)..

Thanks for dropping by and remembering this old man.

Aaaagh! I missed it! Any information about an up and coming NL festival, please let me know. Not that I’m obsessed with NL you understand *ahem*

i googled “nasi lemak shah alam” and it seems like everyone’s recommending “Seksyen 3 Restoran Gembira’s” NL as being one of the best?
^their pyramid didn’t make it.. means someone somewhere made a bigger one before.. wow πŸ˜›

Wow, this blog is really beginning to bloom! Nasi lemak is getting a mention everywhere πŸ™‚ I think I will have to make a page dedicated to it :)))

But I think I have been there to Restoran Gembira : a little corner shop. If it’s the one I am thinking of I wasn’t impressed. The one I wnt to was rather dirty. I hope I’m wrong and it’s not the same one, ‘cos it would be great to come across a place that does antastic NL. Next time I’m around Sekn 3, I’ll keep an eye out.

Thanks for the tip πŸ˜€

But I have NEVER had NL better than the one my mum-in-law makes (My wifes is vey close to how her mum makes it – hurray!). My mum-in-laws is truely awesome. I am blessed by God.

“4,000 packs of nasi lemak were stacked up to make 1.2metre (4 feet) pyramid…A total of 700kg of rice, 350 kg of sambal and 1,000 boiled eggs were used for the feat.” – WOW! Glad it wasn’t wasted. Food shouldn’t be wasted – especially NL! Feel a it bad I missed out!

Speaking of Sekn 3, If you like Tandoori chicken with Nan bread, (something I love almost more than NL) then Resteron(?) Khalifah cannot be beaten. I’ve been to numerous places. Nowhere gets close. Air kelapa too – perfect!

A bigger pyramid? Crikey.

Hey… The Pharoah (Firaoun). Do you think his pyramid was supposed to be made of millions of packets of NL on the inside and that he wanted to buried in the middle of it.


Could be. What is NL often bunkus’ed in a pyramid shape???

do du do du dooooo. (X-files music)

They say the tomb robbers throughout time stole things from the pyramids bet the first thing they took was the NL.

i love dropping by this’s fun n relaxing..
i just ate NL wif my family this morning..hehe..n automatically i will remember mr allan..
hmm..i think its not too late to wish happy teachers day to mr allan..
thanks for all your kindness..

“i love dropping by this’s fun n relaxing”
I’m glad to hear it. Drop in more often.

“i just ate NL wif my family this morning”
Hourray πŸ™‚ what a lovely way for the family share a bonding experience: by eating NL. Actually, my wife made some for me today too. Lovely. I ate 2 portions so far. :p

“n automatically i will remember mr allan..”
Aawww shucks πŸ™‚ how sweet. *sniff, sniff*

“hmm..i think its not too late to wish happy teachers day to mr allan..”
V. kind of you. What a lovely sunday it’s turning out to be πŸ™‚

Who here, are going to the grand dinner in Blue Wave Hotel?


Me (has anyone called to ask whether NL will be served??)

mr alan, i am honestly touched that you provide a spot for us! no kidding. as well as the NL. ( ur obssession for NL is quite worriying though, better watch on your diet if you r still considering to become brad pitt for that 8.50 NL promotion :P:P) . send my slm to pn fazni πŸ™‚

Muna πŸ˜€ Great to have to drop in πŸ™‚
If you don’t want that complementary NL, it would be a shame to have it go to waste! πŸ˜‰ It just so happens that I know someone who would be happy to take it off your hands.

Mymuna is am M2 student folks, which I guess means she’s a graduate Doctor by now πŸ™‚ so if I have any nutritional deficiency problems from a lack of consumption of NL, I can see her for a discounted consultation. Heh heh.

So where are you based? Are there the sounds of little Muna’s around?

Still into F1? Hope you and your hubby arn’t Lewis Haminton fans. I’m more of a Fillepe Massa supporter myself. Last seasons last race was just incredible.

I’m glad I’m not Brad Pitt: I Imagine Malibu beach has no NL hawkers, so Brad, eat your heart out!

Just feel like dropping by…
Jealous of reading the questions posted by ALM9 students.

Glad u did drop by. There’ll always be a welcoming spot here for AkMaR πŸ™‚

I’m sure u stull have Q’s, just different ones, that’s all.

c ya πŸ™‚

At last i find a place to do some scribbles on this
seems like the jrs really make use of your page. :).
a good thing~

p/s: i dont find any NL stall here in Dublin. eventhough i’m not an avid NL addict, I MISS NASI LEMAK SO MUCH!! haha.

Adilah Darmawi πŸ™‚

Ha ha. Yumm nasi lemak,
Nasi lemmaaaaak.
Naaaaassssssiiiiiii lemmmmmmaaaaaaaaaakkkk πŸ™‚
So tasty so wholesome πŸ™‚

I feel like eating it tomorrow and then some more…

Well I hope the X-Stu Cafe ‘virtual NL’ has brought you some pleasure. Hehehe. When you come back home, and if you are in the SA region, pop in and I’ll blanja u.

Same goes for any ex-stu πŸ™‚

Well I think Dublin, like the UK, puts the clocks back an hour in the last weekend of October so it’s gonna get dark quite early 😐
then soon after it starts to get cold 😦

It used to be (mayb different now) that the shops shut sooooo earlit in Dublin, not much to do if you don’t drink alcohol. Is it the same way now?

Have you been sightseeing in Ireland yet? Maybe u cud make NL and sell it outside the mosque? Find a Chinese supermarket, usually u can get lots of Msian things there. Mi remen too :p


I just feel like writing something here.
Any Ex INTEC still reading this?
I just can’t wait for holiday!

Salam AkMaR (and follow ex-Stu’s)

Thank you for writing in. It’s always a pleasure to have THE AkMaR post here πŸ™‚ Like the first ever comment on this spot. πŸ˜€

It would be great if other ex-stu’s wrote in here too but I guess with so many alternative channels of communication, it’s not so likely they will post here. 😦 buu huu.

Please prove me wrong. Hope IMU is testing and pulling you to your potential. How are you by the way?

I just can’t wait for holiday too (but I have no choice – lol)

mr allan, how r u?? still remember us, 6m3 ??? we hv just found ur blog. hope we can keep in touch.we’re still at imu, last sem here before transferring to Uk nxt yr

Yes. I remember 6m3 really well πŸ™‚
here, have an extra couple of nasi lemaks :))

Anbout 6m3, I frequently feel sad that I don’t have any of you on my facebook or Email list.

Please friend up on facebook. Search for “Mike Allan” or write in here and tell me how things are coming along. If you’re still at IMU (wow, so long already) then I guess you’re almost ready to go overseas. Where’s everyone going?

Salam, sir.
My mom sent me some ikan bilis.
And we did Nasi LEmak!
Haha. its getting colder here and having a packet of hot NL is heaven! lol.
* i think everyone here started to miss INTEC.

Salam Adilah.
I just read your blog. Glad you got your NL πŸ™‚ A few people have said things like they miss INTEC, but don’t worry. Perhaps when you come back you will also miss things about Ireland. e.g. Many and cheap BOOKS! and a few other things like efficient public transport, water that can be drink from the tap (ice cold too! no need to tamba ice) lol!.


We glad to hear that u still remember us. We miss our moments at INTEC especially the practical sessions with you.Hope your memories about us are the beautiful ones.

How to find you in the facebook?? there are sooooo many ‘mike allan’..hehehe. please specify

We’ll be going to University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, most probably in June next year. Our friends, medicine students, also from ALM 6 are now sitting for their final exam in IMU. Some of them will fly this Jan.

I’m the one with the boycott Israel t-shirt.


Going to Glasgow? Wow. That reminds me of my first remembered experience of Scotland. It was as a child in Glasgow airport. I had to go to the toilet. In the washroom. some kids, who I had never met before, tried to grab by arm/hand and burn it under the hot water from the sink!!! I can only guess they heard my Irish accent and thought I was a Catholic. Catholic/Protestant division (sectarianism) was (maybe still is) quite strong in some parts of Scotland.

It’s the only bad thing I’ve experienced about the place and quite surreal. Since then, no problem. Scotland has beautiful countrysid. I haven’t really been around Glasgow town, but used to drive to Kilmarnock from Manchester (and back again) when I worked for a PC/computer company many moons ago (thankfully passed!). But on the East side, not too far away from Glasgow is Edinburgh. A lovely city. Full of character and vibrant history….

– as you’ll find out IA πŸ™‚

Just feel like dropping by…. =p

I was thinking, as a former student,I should probably write here already.want to thank you sir for all your help on this blog during A levels.All those explanations were really helpful. Now is the time to cross my fingers, hoping for the BEST on 19th of August, besides the coming up match of Spain versus Paraguay!lol!
I have had this question for long:do you go back to england frequently?In addition, we also have one small thought..that you and the soccer star wayne rooney are quite a likeness…(no offense meant)..;)
Thank you Mr Allan!you really are a patient lecturer!wish you the “bestest” of luck in your life!Now I really miss intec like and ALM..

cheer INTEC ALM9!

don’t forget my class,ALM9M3..;)

Dear Superman.

I’m glad to have been of some help to you. I hope you were rooting for Spain!

I don’t go back to England a lot. Only twice in almost 10 years. Msia is my home now. I like it here.
You are the 10th person now to say I look like Wayne Rooney. Well, as a superhero you will know that sometimes we need to disguise our identity.

I wont forget you guys. I’ve always known the day would come when you had to leave smallville and head to metropolis. When your flying around the planet saving humanity, don’t forget to fly by INTEC once in a while. Kryptonite free zone guaranteed.

It was a pleasure to be the teacher of Superman πŸ™‚

All the best for next month.

Dear AkMaR.
It’s always a pleasure to have you drop by.
Thanks for remembering.

you can always look for cheap books online, there are lots of websites that sell cheap books *~*

Intechemistry says: This comment may be spam, but I’m leaving it here as it does make a point, albeit a rather obvious one.

I miss chemistry and i miss u sir!!! haha..

Peng Hong. Nice to hear from you πŸ™‚
How’s Germany?
Any good “Flaming Steamboat” over there?

finally i can write here.
just a greeting for u mr allan.
how’s everything going?
hopefully you are extraordinarily good!
how’s your raya sir?rendang?lemang?ketupat?

Salam dear Hidayah. You’ve been waiting to write here for some time huh? lol. Life’s good and secure here alhamdulillah.
Been ‘watching’ a lot of you guys fly. I look forward to reading about your experiences. *hint hint*

Raya was quiet, as I like it. I’m not such a big fan of ketupat and lemang. Not enough ikan bilis, santan, kacang and sembal for my liking. We usually eat Nasi dagang at Raya. This year was no exception. Susie flew off yesterday I think.

I miss you guys. Thankfully the new students are great. πŸ™‚ {I hope they don’t read this page – their heads might swell!)

hoho.yeah,ive been waiting for quite some time to write in this section.inshaAllah,i’ll write once i get there.

you were having nasi dagang for hari raya?wow!
it’s my first time hearing ppl having nasi dagang for their hari raya.seems like there’s still part of msia that i didnt know.anyway,everyone’s has their own tradition.

owh,really glad hearing dat you have great students.

InsyaAllah you’ll pop back here again. Hope the NL was nice πŸ™‚

Yes, nasi dagang every year. It takes ages to make. My mother in law spends hours and hours in the kitchen the day before raya (and many hours in the kitchen on raya itself). She is from Trengganu which is where that particular food comes from – I think.

salam sir

greetings from dublin!hopefully you are in the pink of health(sounds like sentence from books).

it’s been a month weve been in dublin.alhamdulillah everything is fine.its getting colder here.

i’ll write more about dublin later.

Salam global traveller πŸ™‚
the pink of health? alhamdulillah. I suspect as the winter comes on, that will change to the blue of health :p

1 month already. Wow. How to time flies. I bet you know Dublin like the back of your hand already. Do you need to use a bus to get into the ‘shopping’ parts of the city or it within walking distance of your halls of residence?
Missing all the lovely Msian food yet? Well at least you got a cyber-nasi lemak here πŸ˜€ at the X-Stu Cafe πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Hope you are enjoying your student life over there and your studies also. Very much looking forward to your next instalment πŸ™‚

salam alayk

=D…was reading about gallstones when the memory of nasi lemak and you & family popped into my head (am I reading abt gallstones or am actually daydreaming??hee)..anyway, miss the old days n chemistry…ok..2 papers to go~ Gastrointestinal/Hepatology and OSCE…

Please make du’a for us, sir..=D…

may Allah grant success in your future endeavour insyaAllah ^_^

were u really gonna leave intec? to where sir?? =(…sob3.

~che ain rcsi, dublin

Waalaikumassalam Che Ain.

Great to hear from you πŸ˜€
Greetings from lovely warm Malaysia to chilly Dublin :p
LOL πŸ˜€ The world of revision is making reality blurr huh? Stay strong πŸ™‚ Certainly I’ll make du’a for u and your exams thank you for your du’a .

Actually I have been told to leave INTEC 😦
I still have one years contract left with UiTM, so for another year I’ll be returning back to my original employers Faculty of Applied Science at the main campus. Hopee you found the virtual nasi lemak at the X-Stu Cafe was sedap! πŸ˜€

Do you facebook?

Thats interesting and great to hear sir.
well,the other day, I met my same teachers (bt growing old) teachin in the same old block in my school, Nothin changed,i thought. …so kindda sad to look at.

perhaps i was wrong, missed out smthn-the students. and mayb teachin is fun,i dunno alwys thought its u knw kindda self-repeatingly β€˜sad’ and less rewarding.i dunno bt they seem perfectly OK .

jus yesterdy,sold the bks at greatly cheap price cz no ones buying in intec.crazi. hahahax

btw sir markin scheme out. bt Im nt goin to look at it at all.

Some people like stability and a peaceful life. I do and I think most more mature people do to. Your teachers have probably ‘been there, done that and bought the t-shirt’. Repetition is a part of developing and honing a profession. Besides the joy (within any profession) at seeing the job well done (and esp. with imparting knowledge) is incredibly rewarding in its own right.

Well there’s not much to gain from looking trough the papers. I imagine many people have forgotten the specifics of each Q they have done, so looking at the papers now is more likely than not to make you worried in the last couple of weeks before the results come out. Having said that some students go nuts to try and analyse the papers. LOL.

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