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CHM412 Jan 2012 Past Years Paper

Posted on: December 19, 2013

CHM412 Jan 2012 Past Years Paper

Feel free to leave Q’s about this paper.
BEFORE ASKING: please mention Q number and part as well as your current understanding/answer.

Simple Analysis
Q1: Deduce names from given structures: 8 marks
Q2: Sketch structures having been given names: 12 marks
Q3: A molecule is presented Have to identify features of that molecule, e.g. polar groups present, chiral centres(!), hybridization present, ID the pi bonds, which functional group on the molecule can react with an alcohol and sketch the product.: 12 marks

32 marks out of 80 so far for simple and ‘easy to get the mark scoring answers quickly’ type Q’s

Q4: Chemical tests to distinguish two different ketones from each other and more tests to distinguish two different alcohols from each other
EXPLAIN which compounds (alcohols and an alkene) can undergo oxidation with hot acidified KMnO4 solution: 14 marks
Q5: Simple chemical pathway. Alcohol subjected to oxidative conditions, the product reacted with 2,4-DNPH (Brady’s reagent).
Simply chemical functional group interconversion(reactions): 14 marks
Q6: This seems like the hardest question on the paper: (but actually it’s just because molecular names are given and not structures. If you drew the structures from the names given, it will be like all the other past years papers questions based on gonverting functional groups. Give reaction steps for various reactions from a common reactant : 11 marks
Q7: Benzene chemistry question, ID the nucleophile and electrophile, reason for FeCl3, Friedel crafts acylation and alkalytion: 9 marks


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