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Mon 10:30 – 11:20 class is now in B432
and not B428 and not B429


Salam. We already changed from B428 to B429,
but I just found out we have to change again to B306 beginning 25th Sept.
It affects Wednesdays classes only, not Mondays.

[Update history:
Thurs 19th Dec 2013 – PAST YEARS PAPERS PAGES initiated – see bottom of post.
Tie night 1 Oct UPDATED Alkanes and Alkenes ppt uploaded HERE
Tue 1 Oct Experiment 4 uploaded
Fri 27 Sept Experiment 3 and 5a uploaded.
Tue 24-Sept-2013 – (Sorry it’s half a day late)
Added Alkanes and Alkenes powerpoint << Now removed

Wed 18-Sept-2013 (Lab 1 and 2 plus marking guidelines – see below)

Note: This is a ‘sticky header’ post, so New CHM 412 content will appear below this. Scroll down to check.

This semester I am teaching CHM 412, simple “Organic Chemistry For Technology”. This is the “home page” for this code where info, trial questions, syllabus etc will be placed. Check also the separate, topic specific theory posts (see links below). Please get involved with the information that will appear here as well as ask questions. Thanks.

  • Specific posts relating to theory topics:

CHM412 – Topic 1 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry

CHM412 – Topic 2 – Hydrocarbon compounds

CHM412 – Topic 3 – Aromatic compounds

CHM412 – Topic 4 – Hydroxyl compounds

CHM412 – Topic 5 – Carbonyl compounds

CHM412 – Topic 6 – Carboxylic acids and derivatives

CHM412 – Topic 7 – Amines

  • Lab Experiments:

Experiment 1: CHM412 EXPERIMENT 1_fazni-1 and marking guidelines exp1-Guidelines for marking laboratory reports CHM412 Organic for Technologists-STUEENT VERSION

Experiment 2: CHM412 EXPERIMENT 2  sdf and marking guidelines exp2-Guidelines for marking laboratory reports CHM412 -student version

Experiment 3 and 5a: CHM412 EXPERIMENT 3_fazni   exp3-Guidelines for marking laboratory reports CHM412 Organic for Technologists-student version   CHM412_EXPERIMENT5a_fazni   exp5a-Guidelines for marking laboratory reports CHM412 Organic for Technologists-student version

Experiment 4: CHM412 EXPERIMENT 4_fazni(1)   exp4-Guidelines for marking laboratory reports CHM412 Organic for Technologists-student version(2)

Experiment 5b  and 6:

Experiment 7:

Experiment 8:


1) CHM412 June 2013 Past Years Paper

2) CHM412 Jan 2013 Past Years Paper

3) CHM412 June 2012 Past Years Paper

4) CHM412 Jan 2012 Past Years Paper

5) CHM412 April 2011 Past Years Paper

6) CHM412 October 2010 Past Years Paper

7) CHM412 April 2010 Past Years Paper

Powerpoint Presentation: CHM 412 intro

Some videos found on YouTube:

1) Molecular Shape and Orbital Hybridization
Excellent animations., also discussed N and O hybridisation 🙂….

2) Hybridization part1…

3)Hybridization, part 2 (Exercises)…

4) “14.2.2 Explain hybridization as mixing of atomic orbitals making new orbitals IB Chemistry HL
By Richard Thornley
Interestingstyle and e-blackboard….

5) Hybridisation / Hybridization (sp, sp2, sp3)
Compilation video (nice hair)….

Closely related: VSEPR theory with Dr Paul McCord

Intermolecular Forces (IMF’s):
Major Intermolecular Forces
by Dr Paul McCord


Powerpoint: Updated 1-Oct-2013 CHM 412 Alkanes and Alkenes 1-10-13 previous version now erased.

No other contents as yet, but feel free to ask any questions.

No contents as yet, but feel free to ask any questions.

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