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CHM456 Assignment

Posted on: June 7, 2013

Assignment. Try and hand in by 21 June 2013 or earlier. Can give enstinsions if you have a good reason.
You have to choose 3 websites or three books (or a mixture of them) and critically review them on the topics of alcohols, ethers, alkenes and alkynes. You must quote the sources you use. It can be hand written or typed.

Note: This assignment is to be done individually, with no collaboration. You must not copy and paste information. All work must be of your own creation.

2 pages minimum (up to 4 pages max)

Specifically you are to assess these sources as to how good they are in helping you understand the learning requirments of :

Structure, Nomenclature and Physical Properties
Synthesis of Alcohols from Alkenes
Reactions of Alcohols, Alcohols as Acids;
Conversion to Alkyl Halides;
Oxidation to Carbonyl Compounds
Synthesis and Reactions of Ethers
Phenols: Structure and Nomenclature; Synthesis and Reactions

Nomenclature, Structure and Physical Properties
Reactions and Mechanisms
Synthesis of Alkenes via Elimination Reactions: Dehydrohalogenation, Dehydration, Debromination
Addition Reactions  and Markovnikov’s and AntiMarkovnikov’s Rule
Oxidation reaction of alkene

Nomenclature, Structure and Physical Properties
Reactions and Mechanisms
Addition, Hydration, Oxidation and Reduction

You should also try and give a summary of the relevant or important reactions.

Each source will probably mention something other sources will omit, as well going ‘deep’ into certain reactions. Read about them (of course) but no need to spend too much effort covering ‘off centre’ reactions. Use the reactions listed above and those in the powerpoint slides as your guide – if you need to.

You may like to make a table, like the abbreviated suggested example below, to rate each source according to what you must read. BUT you must still describe in words….

a) problems you faced in reading and understanding the material.
b) whether it was helpful
c) What could have been better about it.
d) How easy it was to remember and recall the information later

Obviously you will not be able to do this for ALL reactions, so comment on a selection, possibly ones that you thought were very well presented and what was very difficult. erc.

This is NOT A CHORE. This is an exercise to assist your learning of these topics. You should be doing this stuff anyway – reading books, watching videos and reading websites, so you should already have most of this to hand.

An abbreviated example of how to possibly summarise the review. (I attack the spreadsheet also)
assignment jan’13-July13
CHM456 Assignment

Naturally, the more effort you put into doing this, the more it will help you.


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