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Semester1, Mar-July 2013, CHM456

Posted on: March 12, 2013

Hello CHM456 students. You can get to the CHM456 ‘homepage’ by clicking the link on the right or by using this link:

On that homepage, you will find links to individual topics that we will study in this course. Some of the links have no content yet, but please feel free to leave comments regarding anything we have done in the class (or what you have read from your a books/course materials).

I can give give you the password for the file vault in class. Please do not put the password on the internet. Thank you.

I will update the assignment later. Last sem students had to produce a ‘video’ on one of the topics. I’m thinking of changing that now to having to review three to five websites on a particular topic. If I do this, you will be working in groups (as was the case for the video assignment). There will be guidelines and a set of questions issued.


2 Responses to "Semester1, Mar-July 2013, CHM456"

Sir Allen,u mentioned that you’ll put up chm456 lab exp experiment 1 questions??But I can’t seem to find it..Or I might be misheard about what you said..

-AS2252A Student

There are some Q’s up now. I will have to update the Q’s for Expt2 (CHM456) later as I’m too sleepy now. Maybe Saturday afternoon I can upload them.

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