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Oh no!

Posted on: December 4, 2012

Things have changed, I will not be teaching 10G5 after all 😦 Boo hoo!

Dr. Azlin Sanusi will take over the class, so I shall not have the pleasure of teaching you again.

Please study well under her supervision. Make me even more proud of you than what I am already

and get that A grade. All of you can, it just needs the very ‘do-able’ effort spent on getting it.

Farewell 10G5. I will miss you.

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2 Responses to "Oh no!"

Assalamualaikum sir, thank u very much all this while. We’ll try hard this semester to achieve grade A. For your information, Dr Azlin is not the one whose teach us but new lecturer, Miss Hafizah. Hope u always be in a good health. Thank U.

Waalaikumassaalam. Yes, Dr Azlin was later changed to Ms. Hafizah. I’m glad you express determination to get your A grades. All of you can do it, it’s figuring how each individuals ‘route’ to getting it that’s the tricky part. Make Ms. Hafizah as proud of you as I am, and thanks for the comment. It’s very much appreciated 😀

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