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Hi. I found this. Maybe it will be helpful.

There’s probably a few videos out there with the colour ranges for indicators but I’ve not searched for any.



Again see the chm456 organic page

They are posted on the CHM456 page.

Q1 One form of tartaric acid is given by the diagram:

Where applicable:

  • Identify the chiral centre/s of this molecule as R or S .
  • Draw all other versions of this molecule and identify all chiral carbons as R or S
  • Give the relationship between all pairs of molecules in terms of their stereochemical identity.

Q2 a)
7.41g of a neat (non-diluted) sample of butan-2-ol has an observed optical rotation of +4 degrees. What is the mass of (R)-buatan-2-ol present?

A sample of butan-2-ol was synthesised which was purified. The purified sample shows no optical rotation in a polarimeter. Suggest what reaction mechanisms may have taken place to make it giving your reasons.

Please use this page to post questions/discuss CHM412 labs. Monday 6:00 – 9:00pm MK2

Salam/Peace to Pure Physics and Bio-Composite students. If you have any questions feel free to leave them here…


Here’s some info relating to Experiment 2 that may help you.

If I wasn’t a ‘Pure Chemist’ I think I’d like to be an engineer (electrical, chemical, civilian and mechanical or micro/nano). It interests me considerably. Because of that, I tend to read things about engineering once in a while.

Today, after talking about anthropogenic global warming (i.e. man-made global warming) which touched upon the field of energy, I came across this interesting article about how to store energy in the form of liquid air. You might like to read it. but do please bear in mind, these ‘in the future’ announcements are often inflated ‘best case theoretical scenarios’ that haven’t even begun to get through the problematical development cycle.

Make no mistake about it. The need for engineers is immense to cope with the many great critical turning points that we are now arriving at

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