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CHM456 [Organic] Page

Posted on: September 10, 2012

This page holds links to all sub-pages relating to CHM456. sub-pages will eventually contain (some) notes and points for discussion as well as host Q & A.

0.5) ** NEW  8-Nov-2012 ** Powerpoint slides for this course [password protected] .

1) Syllabus and lab practicals

2) Lesson Plan

2.5) Nomenclature:

3) Topic 1.0  Carbon Compounds and Chemical Bonds

4) Topic 2.0  Introduction to Organic Reactions: Acids  and Bases

5) Topic 3.0  Stereochemistry

6) Discussion of TEST 1 (Chapter 1,2,3)

7) Topic 4.0  Alkanes and Cycloalkanes

8) Topic 5.0  Alkyl halide

9) Topic 6.0  Alkenes and Alkynes

10) Discussion of TEST 2 (Chapter 4,5,6)

11) Topic 7.0  Alcohols and Ethers

12) Topic 8.0  Benzene and Aromaticity

13) Discussion of TEST 3 (Chapter 7,8)

14) Assignment

15) Past years final exams


Powrpoints of the

Tutorial Questions on Topic 1: chm456-tutorail-sheet-1-word2003

Answers to Tutorial questions1: answers-to-chm456-tutorail-sheet-1-word2003-old

Tutorial questions #2a: CHM456 Tutorial #2a

Answers to Tutorial questions #2a: CHM456 Tutorial #2a – answers

Tutorial Questions 2b: CHM456 Tutorial #2b

Answers to Tutorial Questions 2b: Answers to CHM456 Tutorial #2b


4 Responses to "CHM456 [Organic] Page"

Oops. I just realised I forgot to give an answer to:
“Q1) Why is pKa and not pH used to measure the relative strength of acids and bases?” On Tutorial 2b

The answer is because pH depends on the concentration of H+ ions and this can vary dramatically. e.g. a 0.1M solution of HCl has a pH of 1. A 0.0001M solution of HCl has a pH of 4. But with pKa values, the value is independent of dilution as pKa is based on an equilibrium constant. Equilibrium constants you will remember only vary with changes with temperature.

sir, i’m sorry.but i cannot send you the video about the alkene and alkyne because it cannot be send via email.what can i do?should i just send to your room directly?..
-as225 student-

Have you tried compressing it to an flv file? Those types of files are usually pretty small. about 2Mb per minute. If you can’t compress it any more, then OK. put it on a CD and drop it off in my office. I won’t be in until next week however.

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