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CHM556 [Organic Lab Practicals]

Posted on: June 22, 2012

This is the main page for CHM556 [Organic Lab Practicals]

General notices:

1) Copying will receive zero marks. This includes copying with attempted disguises/alterations by changing one or two words. You can discuss what you did with your lab parter. After all discussions have finished, then you write the whole report yourself.

2) Hand the report in on loose A4 paper with a photocopy of the signed results. Include ALL the relevant pages from your lab jotter, especially the one that’s signed by me.

3) There is little merit in just re-writing out the procedure you already have. You can photostat that on your report or just write “refer to lab manual”. But if you did anything different, then mention it.

4) What I’m interested in seeing from you are discussions as to WHY various steps were done in the practical and any problems faced, what solutions were tried to solve those problems, and any other scientific, good thinking comments relevant to the practical. Answer the questions in the book, lab sheets and any that appear here.

5) Do not say things like “I know know how to extract caffeine from tea bags” as your conclusion.


Labs (which somehow went missing earlier):

Prelim CHM556

List of Experiments CHM556

CHM556 Experiment 1

CHM556 Experiment 2

CHM556 Experiment 3

CHM556 Experiment 4

CHM556 Experiment 5

CHM556 Experiment 6 (there is an error her. The procedure is the same as expt. 4)


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10 Responses to "CHM556 [Organic Lab Practicals]"

Experiment 1 Questions:

a) Caffiene acts as a base. What problem might occur if we did NOT add Na2CO3 to the boiled tea solution.

b) What part of the molecule is responsible for its basic behaviour

c) The % yield can vary. Give reasons why this may be.

d) Is DCM polar?

e) Propose an alternative solvent to DCM

Some v. useful info on practical 3: Esterification reactions of Vanillin using acetic anhydride (otherwise known as ethanoic anhydride) under acid conditions and basic conditions.

Adoi! forgot the link in the last comment. Here it is:

For practical 3, do we need to do nmr n ir on ur own since the lab only open during ofis hour? I already got the mp 4 both products. My lab starts on 6-9 pm.

I spoke to a lecturer who took students this code last year and those students were not required to do the IR or NMR. But I really think students should to do it. IR and NMR are now the mainstream tools of today’s chemist.

But, I’m not so sure how it should be done. I’m asking for advice from various colleagues. My guess though is that you should do get your own IR (the equipment is easy to use, “cheap” and hard to break, but submit the sample for the technicians to run the NMR for you (the NMR is expensive and easily ‘broken’ due to inexperienced hands.

So keep a hold of your sample and I’ll make my decision later.

salam sir, I am student from AS2253B. I did not attend the laboratory for the experiment 4 (aldol) because my grandfather died. do I need to repeat the experiment with another group or continue to write lab report using my group result?

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, only seeing you last night. And may Allah reward your grandfather with jennah.

OK Updated Questions for today, 18th March 2013:

Actually I still like the old questions above, October 2, 2012 at 7:04 pm so I’ll just post a few additional things to add that

f) What % of the tea bag was caffeine.
g) What errors/procedural steps may have decreased the yield of caffeine?
h) What may have caused an apparent increased the yield?

There. That’ll do for now.

I’m one of your student in UiTM.
I’m from AS233 program.
I would like to ask, which questions do we have to do for the lab report, either in the book or in your blog
Thank you ^_^

Answer the questions in the book only.
I have decided to use the questions on the blog as an exercise to give students a better understanding of what they did and why. Consequently, I will provide answers to my own questions to achieve that purpose…. when I get time to do it 🙂

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